Business Cases: Marketing & Product Commercialization

VP Marketing: Emerging Oncology Biotech Building Marketing & Commercialization Capability

Challenge & Discovery

Our client, an emerging oncology focused biotech company was preparing for the commercialization of its first solid tumor therapy.  We were amidst helping them map their commercial structure when the executive team approached us to help them identify their VP Global Marketing.  This person would be tasked with leading the buildout of both the US and International brand marketing teams as well as supportive marketing functions (i.e. marketing operations & analytics). This was an exceptionally challenging profile as it was crucial for this person to be able to map a commercialization pathway and overall launch readiness for a solid tumor asset in both the US and ex US markets.   Additional search challenges included identifying a precise cultural match, overcoming risk aversion, and relocation to a challenging region in the US with no real biotech presence.


Despite the challenges, Ingeniquest was able to leverage its mastery, credibility, and precision targeting to attract 5 high impact candidates in less than 4 weeks. 100% were interviewed – 100% brought in for live interviews with the leadership team resulting in a successful hire.