Commercial Insights, Analytics & Operations

Ingeniquest has invested 20 years into the recruitment of top talent across market research, advanced analytics, secondary analytics, forecasting, data science and commercial operations (i.e. Sales Operations, CRM, Commercial Data Management, etc.) We have partnered with both emerging and established specialty pharmaceutical & biotech clients to help them attract talent who are masters in harvesting, organizing, analyzing and modeling data to yield critical business insights that drive sales & marketing effectiveness.

Today’s customer ecosystem has become increasingly more complex in understanding what drives customer behavior. The industry has also seen an influx of data from multiple emerging sources ranging from specialty pharmacy to social media which has ultimately compelled companies to begin to think very differently about the customer and business insights process. We have moved from structured primary insights driven environment to effective data overload. Ingeniquest is on the cutting edge of studying these trends and the evolution of talent in the space with an end focus on attracting analytics talent that can deliver on optimal decision making for commercial organizations.

Representative Placements

Across all therapeutic domains ranging from primary care to rare disease, oncology, and gene therapy

  • VP Insights & Commercial Operations
  • VP Business Insights
  • Senior Director Commercial Analytics
  • Director Forecasting
  • Director Data Science & Advanced Analytics
  • Director Data Governance
  • Director/ Senior Director Market Insights
  • Senior Director Enterprise Advanced Analytics
  • Director Sales Operations
  • Associate Director Sales Force Analytics & Incentives

Commercial Insights, Analytics & Operations Business Cases