Who We Are

The name Ingeniquest represents our core focus as an organization and that is the QUEST for “ingenium” which is Latin for TALENT.  We are a highly specialized executive search firm committed to unparalleled mastery of specific talent markets crucial to the success of our pharmaceutical and biotechnology clientele.

We strive to be the most respected firm in our areas of expertise through commitment to excellence.

Values & Code of Conduct

The common denominator across our clients and in each talent market we serve is PEOPLE.  It is only from serving people and ensuring their success that we can succeed as an organization.  But to earn the right to help people succeed we need to first build trust through respect, selflessness, integrity, credibility, and being accountable to our word.  These principles are the backbone of the relationships we have established over 20+ years of specialization in our markets.

The Ingeniquest mission is to continuously strive for excellence in commercial talent acquisition thought leadership and execution within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. We will accomplish this through an unrelenting pursuit of knowledge of the business context that impacts our clients’ success as well as continuous improvement and evolution of our strategic advisory capabilities – this will allow us to guide both candidates and clients down a successful path.

Our Mission


Shawn O’Rourke

Denver Office Lead

Tom O’Rourke

Vice President
Boston Office Lead

Why Ingeniquest?

Clients work with Ingeniquest because of our depth of market mastery, track record, and commitment to their needs. In each engagement, we strive to deliver a highly differentiated customer experience through functioning as a collaborative strategic advisor with a core focus on our clients’ long term growth and success.

Our ability to deliver optimal client value is built on the commitment to excellence in the following areas:

At the core of any great decision is insight.  This is the first defining element that sets Ingeniquest apart from the rest of the executive search industry.  Our practice model is built around the pursuit of transcendent market mastery in the pharmaceutical and biotech commercial arena.  Our relentless study of pharmaceutical commercial market dynamics and how it impacts our clients’ talent acquisition needs is what drives our precision and effectiveness in the war for talent.

Talent acquisition is an art and science that goes well beyond simply aligning skills to a job description.  Ingeniquest consultants devote themselves to studying industry trends, evolving market dynamics, company cultures, competency models and performance drivers all as a means to help clients translate business objectives into hiring objectives with precision.  Likewise, our market study allows for us to deliver on valuable insight to candidates as they shape and plan their careers.

Ingeniquest foundational mastery in commercial allows for the cultivation of deep relationships across a focused network.  Relationships translate to trust and then trust translates to deep insight.  Insight drives our ability to connect each client’s employer value proposition and hiring objectives to the right candidate, at the right time.

How Ingeniquest engages with clients is not a “one size fits all” approach. We put each client engagement under a microscope to understand precisely how we can customize our approach with a core focus on maximizing hiring outcomes and delivering optimal value. It is for this reason that we do not define our model as retained or contingent, rather client focused – we determine an ideal solution that balances client resources with an optimal outcome.

Once we have established a customized approach and search strategy our focus then transitions to executional precision. Our competitors can average 5:1 or sometimes a 10:1 candidate presentation to hire ratio – that is if they are even successful filling the role. We intuitively understand our client’s hiring objectives and translate that into superior search efficiency. Our average candidate presentation to candidate hire ratio is LESS than 3:1.