The Ingeniquest Difference

Put simply, our sole focus is the needs and goals of the industry professionals we serve. The Ingeniquest team passionately takes the long view of success in partnering with our clients. It’s not about the placement but helping to create exceptional and sustainable outcomes for our clients that build both great companies and careers – a successful placement is the natural byproduct of our focus on marrying client and candidate objectives.

Our suite of solutions and approach to client engagement is mapped precisely to bring this vision to life.

Ingeniquest partners with emerging and established pharmaceutical and biotech companies to build and scale commercial organizations C-level down. We do this by taking a client centric approach which customizes the solution to the business need, hiring objectives, and resource pools of each client.

Ingeniquest first works to understand the client’s business objective and ultimately how that connects to the hiring objective.  This puts Ingeniquest in a position to partner with our clients to truly understand the big picture in what they are trying to accomplish as well as assist in mapping hiring objectives that are truly connected to the market.

Two additional critical considerations in customizing our approach are each client’s resource pool and where they are in their hiring process.  All factors considered, Ingeniquest will customize an executive search solution with a focus on the best possible hiring outcome.

Being an “employer of choice” is an ongoing process of continually differentiating your value in the market to attract and retain the best talent. Ingeniquest brings real time market insights to clients in helping them optimize their employer brand equity through both compensation and cultural benchmarking.

The pharmaceutical & biotech industry is in a constant state of change and growth.  These dynamics directly impact the demand for talent and as such can alter what is considered ‘competitive compensation’ by your target talent market.  Additionally, the demand for a unique set of skills and candidate phenotype will further create ‘market micro-differentiators’ that your typical salary benchmarking companies cannot account for.  Ingeniquest is constantly on the front lines of the market monitoring and documenting competitive data that can serve to help clients stay ahead of the curve in salary, bonus, equity, and benefits.

Understanding what great talent looks like and how a candidate may assimilate into a client’s corporate structure and cultural ecosystem requires granular analysis of how all companies in our domain operate. As part of our commitment to mastering the market and targeting precise talent matches, Ingeniquest conducts ongoing research into both current company organizational structures and the evolution thereof.  With close ongoing examination of company structures that have both failed and flourished in overall productivity and effectiveness, Ingeniquest is equipped with a live data mart of insights to help clients think through what an ideal structure may look like whether they are building commercial for the first time or adapting to changes in the market. We are committed to helping clients realize a corporate structure that optimizes culture, talent development & retention, productivity, agility, competitive readiness and overall effectiveness.

The Ingeniquest value proposition goes well beyond filling a role.  We believe that commitment to our clients’ and candidates’ success should be holistic in nature and focused on the journey.  Leveraging 20 years of insights derived from deconstructing the careers of thousands of pharmaceutical & biotech commercial professionals, Ingeniquest is in a unique position to provide the highest level of counsel to help you navigate your career growth.