Area Sales Director

Mid-Size Oncology Pharma

We recently hired a DM team and Ingeniquest sent us a really well qualified pool; more importantly Tom and Shawn O’Rourke saw the long term potential in one of the candidates we did hire that wasn’t immediately visible to the team.  This candidate quickly become a strong leader on the team who consistently offers great coaching, strategic insights, and innovative solutions. I can see her moving into one of several key influential roles over the next 12-18 months.  She is truly one of the best hires I have ever made.


Global Pharmaceutical Company

It is my absolute pleasure to provide Shawn and the team at Ingeniquest my highest recommendation.  I have had the good fortune of working closely with Shawn over the last decade in building high performing teams across a multitude of companies.  What separates Shawn and the Ingeniquest team’s approach is their profound interest and understanding of me personally, my leadership style, the organizational culture I build to drive success, and the type of individual that will excel within the organization.  It goes well beyond simply finding A-level players.  It’s an understanding that recruiting for me is a very personal endeavor, and I am looking for those rare individuals that are yearning for the experience of being part of disruptive growth, and a platform to grow and develop, and satisfy their own ambitions of super achievement.  Shawn really gets this – and never fails to surface just the right individual for the role.  All of the hires we have done together have excelled in the role and continued on their trajectory to even greater levels of responsibility in the organization.  Shawn is a trusted advisor, and I will continue to use his very valuable services as I build future teams.

Global Medical Director

Pfizer Oncology

I give Ingeniquest my highest recommendation. I was a candidate they matched to a position at a large pharma company. Ingeniquest approached me with balanced information and really took the time to understand where I was professionally and what my career and personal goals were. They then helped me see how this position might and might not be a good match to those goals. Having had no experience in the industry (I was in private practice) I had many questions and needed time to consider my choices. Ingeniquest listened and helped me identify the resources which might be of greatest use to me. They touched base with me frequently; they was very helpful before and after my interviews and also during contract negotiations. Ingeniquest is personable, knowledgeable about the field, an excellent communicator, and motivated to find the right positions for the right people. I have known other executive search professionals and Ingeniquest truly stands out as a model of excellence.

Executive Director Market Access


On the many occasions when I have worked with Ingeniquest they have consistently demonstrated the highest level of professionalism. Ingeniquest is dedicated to matching clients’ needs with the superior candidates. I would highly recommend Ingeniquest for any key personnel needs.

Senior Director Global Business Analytics


Ingeniquest has worked to help place several of my colleagues over the past several years. Ingeniquest are an excellent recruiter, with a very pleasant demeanor. They have an excellent working knowledge of the healthcare industry and its players. Their insightful and thorough work is notable among the recruiters in the industry.

Associate Director New Products

Forest Laboratories, Inc.

Ingeniquest is a highly articulate, intelligent, and insightful career consultant with whom I have worked over the course of many years. They are  delivery-oriented and listen carefully to client feedback, enabling them to provide adept feedback to the candidates they represent. They have a solid base of experience in talent acquisition within the biopharmaceutical industry and are able to leverage their extensive list of contacts while offering guidance on the proper protocols for successful interviewing and follow-up.

Senior Director Global Marketing

Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Ingeniquest and I have collaborated for over 10 years. They have been very proactive in looking for suitable roles for me throughout my career, and in helping me network, and have been an invaluable asset for understanding the shifts and changes within the environment in my field. Additionally, Ingeniquest have strong strategic skills, and ability to assess organizational needs, and to provide insightful input into the search process. I look forward to continuing our working collaboration.

Chief Medical Officer

Orion Pharma

Ingeniquest are a pleasant, goal-oriented recruiter who seem to have a special talent of finding right people for the jobs, also when others had previously failed in the same task. Highly recommended.

Global Marketing Science Director


Ingeniquest are a very well connected and insightful career consultant whom I have had the pleasure to interact with during my international assignments. They are very knowledgeable about the industry trends and keep on top of the talent pool. I always find they have good advice to identify and assess the optimal candidate/position fit.

Global Director Marketing

Shire HGT

I have worked with Ingeniquest for many years and have always valued their integrity, professionalism and knowledge of the pharmaceutical market. Ingeniquest is trustworthy and straight forward. They are interested in building and sustaining long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships – they have a broad network and work hard to find the right fit for the client, as well as for the candidate.

Global Director Marketing

Merck & Co.

Ingeniquest represents the very best of the best in the industry. When it comes to placing the right people in the right companies, Ingeniquest simply cannot be beat. As his brainchild, its success rests upon the shoulders of its CEO, Shawn O’Rourke. One only has to meet Shawn to understand why it has achieved its success.
Shawn takes the time to really get to know his clients, and more importantly, those he is seeking to place with his clients. Shawn will spend the time and effort necessary to make the right fit a reality. He is trustworthy and reliable and is always available.
Each and every one of his customers truly feels like he is working on their behalf with a fervent commitment and skill set. I know, because I was one of his customers. Ingeniquest and Shawn O’Rourke are a sure bet.

Senior Manager Forecasting & Analytics


I haven’t worked with many recruiters in the past but Ingeniquest stood out for numerous reasons: broad and deep understanding of the industry, key contacts in every facet of many organizations and a tremendous understanding of the hiring process. Ingeniquest was always available for discussion and coaching during my hiring process and their professional generosity was extremely refreshing and I would gladly leverage their expertise again.

Medical Director

CV Therapeutics

Of all the recruiters I’ve worked with, Ingeniquest stands out for numerous reasons: exceptional intelligence, broad and deep industry knowledge, numerous key contacts in seemingly every organization, and a tremendous understanding of hiring as it applies to leadership and its impact on organizations. They are a tireless worker whose skills position them as a partner in the placement process, rather than just an order-filler.
In addition, Ingeniquest have been consistently giving of their time and network whenever I have required assistance, and their professional generosity is rare indeed. I would gladly leverage their expertise in any situation where the acquisition and retention of talented human capital is critical.

Manager Forecasting

Eli Lilly

Among all of the recruiters with whom I’ve worked in my career, Ingeniquest stands out as one of the top recruiters in terms of professionalism and dedication to the client. They consult at a deep level with the client to ascertain the specific hiring needs, then subject prospective candidates to an extensive pre-interview screen based on these needs. They asks great questions, both of their client and candidates. I believe that Ingeniquest’s recruiting process yields great results, and would use them without reservations for future placements.

Director Market Research


I enjoy working with Ingeniquest, they’re trustworthy, have a direct communication style, are responsive and efficient, and have a very broad and deep knowledge of the industry and key contacts.

President & CEO

OverArching Solutions Inc.

Ingeniquest is an extremely intelligent, honest, and ethical partner. Their network of continued relationships and straightforward communications are their hallmarks. Having known them for nearly seven years, I would recommend them unequivocally to anyone seeking both an employer as well as an employee.

Director Strategic Marketing


Over the course of my 10 years in the pharmaceutical sector, I have yet to meet a recruiter with Ingeniquest’s industry insights, integrity, network and genuine concern for my career development. They are a true partner and advisor for the long term.

Manager Market Research


Ingeniquest recruited me for Novartis Pharmaceuticals as a manager of Marketing Research. I was happy with all aspects of the process. They helped me find a good match for what I was looking for.

Executive Director Global Marketing


I have known Ingeniquest for several years and have always been impressed with their professionalism, attention to detail, problem solving abilities and integrity. They have sourced several positions for me in the past and have always provided candidates that meet the requirements set forth for the position. Ingeniquest comes with my highest recommendations.

Associate Director of Marketing

Prometheus Labs

Shawn, I wanted to thank you for all of your support during the interview and offer process.  I gave a verbal acceptance yesterday and will be faxing in the signed offer letter this morning.  My husband and I decided that this opportunity was too good to pass up so we are going to take some risk financially to do this. I think in the long run it will pay off.  Prometheus is a great fit for me and I am very excited about getting started!  I spoke to both Bryan and Toni yesterday and they seemed thrilled.  Sorry that the process has dragged out for so long.

You are a true professional and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you to find the perfect job for me.  You were never pushy and I always felt that you were looking out for my best interest (I think this is unique compared to many other recruiters).  I am confident that I will be seeking out your services again in the future – but most likely for help in building a team

Medical Director


Thank you for all of the help you provided throughout the whole process.  I am grateful for your nice thoughts and encouraging words.  Your enthusiasm was inspiring and your confidence about the prospective new job had a great impact on my decision-making.  I am very excited about the future.

Director of Marketing


Thank you for your guidance and support throughout the Sepracor interview process.  Your recommendations helped make each interview the best possible!  You and your team have been the most professional firm I’ve had the pleasure to work with!  I start Monday.

Medical Director

Cline, Davis, Mann

You may remember giving me some advice this summer regarding job searching, networking, etc.  I am a clinician who was looking to transition into industry/healthcare advertising.  I have to let you know, that the ½ hour conversation we had ended up in me connecting with Cline, Davis, Mann.  I start a position in the Scientific Affairs department on October 3rd.  I could not be more pleased – the position is just what I was looking for and CDM is such a well respected company.  Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you again, and let you know how much you impacted my life.


FirstLine Analytics

Ingeniquest are one of the most caring and diligent recruiters I have worked with.  They are very careful to put candidates into the right positions and ensure it is a good fit for both sides.  I would recommend Ingeniquest to other candidates.

Manager Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Eli Lilly

It is my pleasure to recommend Ingeniquest.  In my opinion, they are more than just a recruiter.  They are a career consultant who I trust to provide good advice first. Over the years that I have known Ingeniquest, I found them to be more interested in building a relationship with their clients than simply placing them in other positions. Ingeniquest are an expert in the field and always demonstrate a strategic outlook and thought process.  More importantly, Ingeniquest exemplify a high work ethic and integrity.

Director Marketing


Ingeniquest’s an intensely knowledgeable and capable recruiter, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with them on many occasions. I give them my highest recommendation!

Senior Product Manager


I’ve worked with Ingeniquest for 4+ years and I will continue to reach out to them as opportunities arise.  They are very knowledgeable and extremely trustworthy.  They work hard for their clients and are 100% committed to their projects.  Ingeniquest is also someone I rely on for guidance even when I don’t have a specific project in mind and they are equally willing to help under those circumstances as well.  They go out of their way to understand the needs of their clients to ensure that they will deliver the highest caliber candidates.  Ingeniquest focuses on quality over quantity so I know that they have screened every potential candidate that they send over. I have never been disappointed with the quality of candidates that I have received from them.

Associate Director Marketing Science


Shawn is probably the best recruiter I dealt with in my search for a job in the pharmaceutical industry at the client side.  He is very personable with high integrity.  He takes his time in making sure that the position is a good match and fits within your career plan and he has great knowledge of the industry.

Associate Director New Product Commercialization

Novo Nordisk

Shawn has expertly assessed my background and experience and presented opportunities that would be a good fit based on that assessment.

Director of Business Analysis


Shawn is one of the best recruiters I have run across in terms of finding good opportunities and placing the right people in the right jobs.

Manager Sales Operations

Abbott Labs

Shawn really knows the life science industry. He has a lot of contacts and a good reputation. He is also surprisingly personable for someone who graduated from Yale.

Sr Manager Sales Operations

Big Pharma Company

I had a pleasure to use Shawn’s services on several instances.  Every time, he demonstrated superb knowledge of the industry combined with custom tailored approach to each situation based on the specific clients’ needs.  Shawn made a reputation of a highly reliable partner providing strong follow-through and keeping you abreast of the latest developments along the entire process.  I would highly recommend Shawn as one of the best specialists in his field.

Manager Market Research

Major Consumer Products Company

I had the pleasure to work with Shawn as I was pursuing an opportunity with a leading pharma company.  He is one of the very few recruiters I have come across who are passionate about the people whom they work with.  He comes across as a person with integrity, thorough, open and approachable.  He takes the extra step to set up expectations upfront, makes sure you fit well with the position he has in hand, gives you insight into the work environment, and the people whom you will be interviewing with, to such a degree that you will feel very confident, and knowledgeable when you get to meet them.  I would highly recommend Shawn as your true business partner and your best advocate as you consider your next career move.


Emerging Biotech Company

I have known Shawn since 2002 and though Shawn has never placed me, he has always been VERY knowledgeable about the companies that he represented.  Shawn is extremely knowledgeable about the pharmaceutical industry and has a breadth of contacts.  Shawn impressed me so much over the years that in 2007, I engaged Shawn to search for a Senior Product Manager position.  For that search, he referred the top candidate.  Even though the candidate did not accept our offer, Shawn delivered a top quality candidate.  In summary, Shawn brings tremendous knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry to a prospective client and delivers top quality candidates that match your needs.

Director, Business Development

Vanda Pharmaceuticals

Shawn’s recruiting abilities and approach are valued by companies and candidates alike.  He does not merely seek to fill or find a position—it’s important to him that it be the right position and right candidate.  He demonstrates full command of a hiring client’s background, culture, and needs.  Unlike many recruiters, he also invests the time necessary to build a thorough understanding of a potential candidate’s experience, skills, working style, and priorities.  The results speak for themselves: a strong recruiting track record and a stellar reputation across the life sciences industry

Director – Market Development

DePuy Orthopedics, Johnson & Johnson

What separates Shawn from others in his field is his ability to evaluate potential candidates not just on the words that appear on a resume but also for his ability to assess what lies beyond a piece of paper.  Many times it is his recognition of these intangible qualities that truly enable him to place winners.

Chief Medical Officer

Synta Pharmaceuticals

I had the pleasure of working with Shawn O’Rourke on an executive search for a Vice President of Clinical Research.  The requirements for the position were quite specific and involved a highly competitive therapeutic area.  Shawn did an outstanding job.  He was dedicated to finding high quality candidates that met all of the characteristics outlined in the job description.  He did extensive background research on the candidates prior to presenting them for consideration.  He only presented candidates who were realistic and highly qualified.  He worked diligently on our behalf and provided us with excellent candidates in a timely fashion.  He also kept us up to date on the search progress through regular teleconferences.  I was extremely pleased with the level of the candidates he presented to us and ultimately hired an outstanding individual for the job.  Shawn’s extensive contacts in the industry, his personable nature, and his clear understanding of the needs of the hiring organization have allowed him to be extremely successful in recruiting top notch talent for companies.  I could not have been more pleased with the entire experience.  I would highly recommend Shawn without reservation and look forward to working with him again in the future.