Business Cases: Commercial Insights & Analytics

Rapidly Growing Biotech Company Elevating Market Insights & Forecasting Capability

Challenge & Discovery

Our client was an emerging power player in the oncology and immunology space.  Having just launched their first asset a couple years prior, they were now in an evolutionary state recognizing the challenges of becoming profitable amidst Wall Street pressure as well as pending new product launches and increased competition.  It became clear that they needed to develop a high performance insights & analytics capability that empowered sound decision making at the executive level as well as brand marketing.  Ingeniquest was asked to engage in identifying a new Director Market Insights & Forecasting who was capable of bringing an integrated analytics competency across market research, forecasting and strategic business analysis at the Director level. Additionally, this person needed the ability to “think like a GM” and anticipate the needs of the senior leadership team and brand teams.  This highly differentiated phenotype was extremely rare in the industry at the Director level especially in the oncology space.

Results & Impact

In a span of 4 weeks, Ingeniquest successfully presented 4 high caliber candidates.  100% were interviewed resulting in one successful hire. The person who came in made an immediate and dramatic impact- so much so that the Chief Commercial Officer elevated this hire in just 12 months to a Chief of Staff function to assist in driving the company’s most critical decisions.