Interviewing Strategy

90% of hires are based solely upon the interview according to a Harvard Business Review study.  In fact, 63% of hiring decisions are made within the first 4.3 minutes of an interview (SHRM Study).  So the interview is probably the most important part of the hiring process.  And that’s why you need to spend time with your recruiter to better understand whom you are interviewing with and the issues that you will be talking about during the interview.


It is critical to rehearse verbally and mentally in thinking about your strategy and approach to theses potential interview questions:

  • What are the duties and responsibilities of the position I’m applying for? This is an excellent icebreaker question for the hiring authority and a great start to a successful interview.  What % of my job is dedicated to administration, supervisory, and technical?
  • What is my number one priority that has to be done before I leave each day? Why? (priorities are personal.)
  • What are the production or sales goals? What obstacles would prevent me from reaching my goals?
  • What are the short and long term goals set for the person in this position?
  • Have questions for the hiring authority.  Questions must be written out before the interview, while avoiding the topic of compensation and benefits for the first interview.
  • Salary – this is a trap question.  If the question is brought up a very good response is “I would like as much as the position will pay” OR “I am currently making $_____.  Although I would like an increase, I don’t know enough about the opportunity to answer that fairly.”  Be very careful that you don’t short yourself.  Be sure to keep in mind your base salary, bonus program, stock options, gain sharing programs, performance bonuses, benefits, etc.
  • Ask for the job!  “I haven’t interviewed in a while, what is the next step? Can we conclude our business today if all goes well?” OR summarize what you’ve done that ties in with the new position and ask, “Do I have the qualifications you’re looking for?” Then remain silent for an answer.  If the hiring authority says, “I’m looking at other people,” you say, “How do my qualifications match the people you’re considering.”
(Your #1 priority is to receive an offer, if this is a position that you desire, your #2 priority is to know the next step.)
ALWAYS GET BUSINESS CARDS AND SEND A FOLLOW-UP LETTER – we recommend both email and hand written.

* After you leave the interview, it is very important that you call us immediately.