Business Cases: Market Access

VP Market Access: Emerging Oncology Biotech Building Market Access Function


Challenge & Discovery

Our client was in process of elevating its US commercial presence as a result of a growing portfolio of brands entering highly competitive markets.  During this period of uncertainty it was crucial for them to continue to sustain and grow their flagship franchise to offset the variance in revenue coming from other emerging product areas.  Ingeniquest established a long term partnership with this client focused on shaping the talent pool within their flagship brand team.  This was uniquely challenging as they needed marquis talent with differentiated strategic horsepower and creativity to come into a branded business that was already highly genericized and lacking in the high science attributes that many top marketers look for.  Connecting the value proposition with the target market required in depth mastery of candidate motivation in combination with precision targeting to identify an authentic fit that would yield success for both the candidate and client long term.


Since the inception of this partnership, Ingeniquest has helped this client execute 5 strategic hires across consumer, HCP, strategy and customer marketing. This team was recognized as a top performing brand team in the US commercial organization by executive leadership. Across all 5 hires Ingeniquest maintained a less than 2:1 candidate presentation to hire ratio reflecting our precision targeting and overall recruiting effectiveness.