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Specialty Pharma Seeks to Build BD&L Capability: Engages Ingeniquest to Identify Top Talent to Drive Growth


Challenge & Discovery

Our client was growing organically but was limited in the number of products it was promoting and limited to its principal end market.  The Leadership Team and BoD wanted to augment the robust organic growth with equally strong inorganic growth, while not hiring a large team in BD&L to execute on its transactions.  Our client needed a talent who had the experience and skill set to run with an entire process within the BD&L discipline.  That included end market evaluation, target ID, reach out, financial analysis, valuation and impact analysis, offers, due diligence and negotiations.  The leadership team engaged Ingeniquest to execute this key leadership team search.

 Results & Impact

Ingeniquest brought immediate differentiated insight to this search given its close to twenty years in the industry and deep experience in BD&L.  Ingeniquest identified seven top candidates in three weeks and did so despite many BD&L executives in the industry being focused on a certain aspect of the overall BD&L process and not the entire process.  As an example, some candidates are focused just on early Commercial Assessment, and others are focused on the Financial/Valuation analysis.  Lastly, there are professionals in this field who manage the deal outside of Target ID and financial analysis.  All of the candidates from Ingeniquest were candidates who had skill sets and competencies mapped exactly to what our client was looking for (ie able to run the entire process). Ingeniquest successfully completed this search for this key client in a very efficient manner, allowing our client to push forward with its robust growth agenda.