Business Cases: Market Access

Multi-Billion Dollar Oncology Biotech Develops Pricing & Contracting Capability for the First Time

Challenge & Discovery

Our client was a dominant global powerhouse in hematologic malignancies, notably at the time a disease state that enjoyed unfettered access in the US payer environment without heavy payer and customer contracting.   They were now entering the solid tumor space and also preparing for a potential product entrance in a highly contracted area of immunology. It was time to develop a robust US pricing and contracting capability equipped to optimize product positioning and profitability with customers.

The Head of Managed Markets in partnership with HR approached us to assist them in identifying a leader to fill their Head of Contracts & Pricing role.   Before they decided to engage Ingeniquest, the company conducted an internal effort that lasted 3 plus months with no success. They interviewed 13 candidates and still had not found their hire.

This was a complex assignment and overall hiring need as it was critical for this person to be BOTH strategically and operationally sound in both commercial contracting (HMO, PBM, etc.) and oncology customer contracting (Physician Groups, GPOs, etc.).  This person also needed an underlying foundation in driving contract strategy, development and administration across multiple therapeutic areas such that they could nurture this department’s competencies in parallel with the company’s portfolio growth and diversification.  In short, this was an incredibly difficult recruiting challenge which required a creative search plan, seamless and expedient execution, and the depth of market expertise to be able to dissect and measure candidate performance/competencies against a niche performance profile.

Results & Impact

After an in depth client needs analysis with their Head of Managed Markets, we were able to develop a focused search plan that consisted of segmenting our network to align with the position profile which yielded 49 Targets.  In just 3 weeks, we were able to target, qualify and present a short list of 3 exceptional candidates.  100% of them were interviewed – 100% invited to 2nd rounds. One was selected for a final round which they hired successfully. This person has gone on to establish a 5 year tenure focused on continuous development of the pricing, contracting and government compliance function – along the way promoted twice.