Business Cases: Market Access

Mid-Size Global Pharmaceutical Company Reshaping US Payer Marketing Competency

Challenge & Discovery

Our client was in process of increasing its overall depth of US commercial competency given a growing portfolio and pipeline of specialty products.  Historically, creating effective value access strategies for emerging and in line specialty assets was a major gap.  They had always had a very basic brand payer marketing capability (i.e. creation of value dossiers, pricing/contracting approaches) but never really possessed the level of sophistication they desired from a market access IQ perspective. The goal was to attract differentiated talent in payer strategy & market access who could help them navigate the challenges they expected to see with highly priced specialty products.  These products required extensive patient access and distribution support as well as a much deeper strategic approach to obtaining reimbursement from payers.  Ingeniquest was tasked specifically with identifying two Directors in Payer Marketing for both Oncology and Cardiopulmonary.

Results & Impact

Given the complexity of the desired candidate profile requiring an in depth and rigorous search effort, this engagement required a retained approach. However, the client was not in a position financially to commit resources up front.  Confident in our ability to deliver, Ingeniquest decided to shoulder the risk and take this on as a contingent search effort.  Within a span of 8 weeks we were able to present a short list of 3 candidates for each Director role, 100% were interviewed, and both positions were successfully filled.  We were able to accomplish this in parallel with this client conducting its own search effort externally through their talent acquisition team.  Ultimately, both positions were filled with Ingeniquest recommended candidates.