Business Cases: Commercial Insights & Analytics

Mid-Size Global Pharmaceutical Company Building Market Access Analytics Capability for the First Time

Challenge & Discovery

Our client was in process of re-inventing its entire US Market Access infrastructure with a focus on achieving unparalleled customer excellence across payer and organized customer channels.  Ingeniquest had already helped them to elevate their brand payer marketing capability as well as they had just completed a complete realignment of their account management teams with the intent to optimize their approach to creating value for customers and maximizing product/patient access.  The leadership team recognized the crucial nature of developing a supporting “Market Access Analytics” capability to drive strategy-enabling insights across reimbursement, payer marketing, contracting, and account management. Ingeniquest was tasked with identifying a Director Market Access Analytics to build this function.  What confounded the search even further was a pre-existing massive talent gap in this space – all major pharma companies were scrambling to develop and enhance market access analytics competencies creating a fierce talent war.

Results & Impact

In a span of 3 weeks, Ingeniquest was able to leverage its industry equity in market access to identify two of the stronger candidates in the market access analytics space.  Both had just completed developing a similar competency for their current firms.  Ingeniquest presented both candidates resulting in a very successful hire and a 2:1 candidate presentation to placement ratio.  In just 18 months of onboarding the person hired had gone on to build a solid team and garner the respect of top internal stakeholders in US market access.