Business Cases: Commercial Insights & Analytics

Global Pharmaceutical Company Building Commercial Data Science & Governance Function

Challenge & Discovery

After a 13+ Billion dollar acquisition and the ensuing integration of multiple new brand and commercial functions, our client recognized that their overall commercial effectiveness was being negatively impacted by unsophisticated management and inconsistent utilization of sales & marketing data sources. Leveraging reliable commercial data to drive analytics & insights was vital to their ability to reach and influence customers.  Initially, they hired a global retained firm to engage on this search effort investing over 9 months, interviewing over 20 candidates, and having to pay a full retained fee up front. With nothing to show for it but frustration and lack of results, the HR team approached Ingeniquest.

Results & Impact

After a thorough analysis of their profile, expectations, and process Ingeniquest was able to quickly assess why they were not achieving the results expected. The retained firm was simply unable to embrace the delicate nuances of their operating model and data needs as well as translate that to a viable candidate profile.  In 2.5 weeks, Ingeniquest conducted a focused and precise recruitment effort which yielded one ideal candidate that aligned perfectly with the performance profile.  Sensitive to interview exhaustion that our client was experiencing, we strongly recommended that they focus on this candidate.  The net result is the candidate exceeded expectations through the interview process and was hired yielding a 1:1 candidate presentation to hire ratio.