Business Cases: Field Force Leadership

Emerging Oncology Biotech Topgrading its Field Force Leadership – Engages Ingeniquest to Identify VP Sales


Challenge & Discovery

Our client had just launched their first oncology asset two years prior and though it was a smooth launch, the executive team was concerned that they were not positioned strategically for optimal growth in sales.   Success of this asset was crucial as they were now under a different level of scrutiny from Wall Street as well aggressively vying to expand early stage product investment. Also transitioning from a research based company with a heavy science culture to a fully integrated commercial biotech firm was not without its challenges in shaping the culture.  This transition and their success going forward required a differentiated leadership team that brought gravitas, wisdom in crafting a culture of performance and the ability to preserve the authentic R&D roots of the company. These considerations in mind, their newly appointed CCO engaged Ingeniquest to identify their new VP Sales.

Results & Impact

Ingeniquest conducted a targeted and comprehensive search effort built on our expansive pool of insights across key leaders in oncology sales leadership.  The targeting effort was critical as this client was vying to select a new VP Sales in an efficient and seamless manner as to not cause disruption in the growth of their first product.  Ingeniquest had to operate with extreme precision in compiling a short list of potentials. In just shy of 3 weeks, we presented 3 high caliber candidates.  100% were interviewed and a successful hire was made from this pool.  The person has gone on to become a pivotal leader within the company and since the appointment, their leading product has more than doubled in sales to close to $1B in 24 months’ time.