Process & Approach

Partner with the Hiring Team to Determine the Ideal Blueprint for the Candidate

This is the critical goal setting stage of the process where Ingeniquest can truly integrate its expertise into the hiring process.  Our candidate market expertise quickly allows us to assess the overall attractiveness of the role based on the current candidate market climate as well as make sure the candidate profile is feasible in terms of what the market is offering.  In order to deliver the best candidate and at the same time minimize pitfalls that could increase “time to hire”, this is a critical step in the process.  Because we are experts in your market, we can also translate your needs into other creative potential candidate profiles that can equally bring the empirical skills required for the job.

Resource Allocation & Search Team Development

Once we determine the depth and complexity of the engagement, we carefully select a recruiting team internally that has the expertise to be able to meet your candidate sourcing needs. 

Begin the Candidate Quest

Our recruiting strategy leverages all possible hi-tech candidate sources (postings, professional associations, journal ads, social networks etc, data mining), but our most effective tool is hi-touch.  Through intense industry specialization, we have developed deep and vast networks of candidate relationships that are built on trust.  Just like a professional guide on a fishing trip, we are committed to being experts in the waters you want to explore and know all the best approaches to angle for your ideal candidate in a timely fashion.  Based on your candidate profile we determine the most optimal sourcing strategy which evolves our target market tailored specifically for each search.  From here, with integrity, enthusiasm and accuracy, we will present the opportunity to the target market.

Progress Updates

We like to update our partners frequently with search progress and potential challenges along the way to ensure a successful outcome.  Communication is critical in a recruiting partnership and we are committed to being both proactive and transparent throughout the process.

Candidate Qualification & Interview

Our qualification process starts from the moment we sit down with the client to develop a strategic blueprint of the ideal candidate and does not end until that ideal candidate starts in his / her new position.  Once we determine a candidate’s skills match your needs, we then conduct an in-depth assessment of each candidate’s accomplishments, communication skills, decision making style, managerial skills, motivation, and barriers to change.  We have several proprietary tools we leverage to accomplish this effectively.  It is this process that requires more time to present the right candidate, but secures faster time to hire on the back end through minimizing fall offs throughout the process.  Our approach here expedites the hiring decision through presentation of a targeted short list of candidates that are on the mark in all aspects.

Arrange Interviews for Client to Meet the Candidates

If the partnership has been realized successfully, each candidate we present should earn an interview.  We will not present a candidate to our clients unless we believe that they are on the mark and can bring great value.  We will debrief the hiring team on each candidate presented such that there is a full understanding and appreciation for the candidate’s experience, talent, and motivation.  We will also prepare candidates before each interview.
Our stock and trade is integrity and will always advise a client to make the best decision possible based on their hiring needs.  Our goal is not to make a placement, but to help our clients win and it is that which guides us.         

The Offer & Negotiation Stage

We offer expert counsel and advice at this critical point in the process in terms of the candidate’s salary and benefits expectations as well as the likelihood of acceptance.  We will also work very closely with the candidate to manage expectations throughout this process.  Our goal is to make sure that you successfully hire your candidate of choice.

Reference Checks

We always conduct preliminary references on candidates presented but will also conduct formal reference checks on the client’s behalf.

Offer Acceptance, Congratulate, & Follow Up

We will counsel candidates through the entire offer process through to acceptance and after the start date.  This includes relocation logistics, counseling with the family, and maneuvering through the emotional process of resigning from their current position and assuring that there are no obstacles.  Our goal is long term success for our clients and candidates and therefore will remain a critical resource indefinitely.

Note to Clients

We will perform these duties passionately and consistently in every engagement, but the success of the partnership is a two way street that requires a commitment from our clients.  For Ingeniquest to deliver optimal value, we ask our clients to be a true communicative partner at each step of the process.

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